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Our World is filled with astonishing exuberance of the wide varieties of fruits and vegetables that are not only refreshingly delightful but also healthy, and are probably the best gift of nature to mankind.

Their richness, delicacy and taste describes the unadulterated affection of the almighty bestowed upon us, which are sufficient to match our dietary requirements in the form of essential nutrients, dietary fiber, vitamins, folates and anti-oxidants. Most fruits and vegetables are naturally devoid of fat, sodium and

Silver Tree was born to provide the freshness and charm of exotic and culinary fruits & veggies from the far-flung regions of planet, which are fresh, nutritious flavorful and highly sought after, right at your doorstep.

After three decades of our journey in the imports and wholesale of such products to premium hotels and institutions, we are now diverging our efforts in making the same goodness available at the convenience of your home.

We take pride in delivering top quality produce with a simple objective to cater to authentic flavors and preservation of quality standards, right from the time of harvested, to the baskets of consumers.